What's better?-sli 8x vs single 16x and physics 8x

Hey everyone, I am trying to decide whether to run SLI GTX 570's at 16x and 8x = 8x, or run a GTX 580 as primary Graphics in the 16x slot and run a GTX 570 in the secondary slot at 8x for the physics.
I had a tech rep from the RMA department tell me that it you better to run separate cards rather than the sli. I am not a firm believer in this opinion and i wanted to get your thoughts.
Which will give me all around better performance?

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  1. 2 570's are more powerful, especially at very high resolutions
  2. Performance wise you will see more from running two 570's in SLi. Also, you don't need a dedicated physx card now. Any game that you were going to throw at a card like a 570 could handle physx on high on its own adding a 570 in SLi would only solidify this further.
  3. Also keep in mind with not that there aren't many games using physx there are games I play quite a few its not worth it to buy a dedicated physx card maybe in the future doubtful but not today sir only time I would advise so was if you had a older card and you wanted to offload physx to a card so you could still enjoy physx.
  4. SLI would be so much better.
  5. SLI the 570's, then if its possible throw the 580 in as a dedicated PhysX. That would get you the best performance from the cards you have.

    Just curious but is it even possible to add a PhysX card to an SLI array? Cant imagine why not.
  6. You can but its sooooooo overkill! I get the feeling hes looking at purchasing a card he doesn't have a 580 to my knowledge just a 570 so I would avoid buying a 580 and stick to the 570 if SLi is your goal.
  7. I have both a 580 and 570. The rma department sent me back a 580 in a 570 casing. I had two 570 till this rma debacle,now j am trying to decide to keep it or send it back for an actual 570 to run sli.
  8. Hmm just a thought from the peanut gallery why not sell the 570 and cash the money and wait for a new series card when it comes out and then maybe sell the 580 and get that >< a 580 should suffice for you on its own even with physx.
  9. Jt_for_life said:
    The rma department sent me back a 580 in a 570 casing.

    Haha seriously! That's insane. I see your predicament though... stuck with a 580 & 570. As unfortunate as it seems, you probably would be best off getting them to change the 580 for a 570. OR (pretty unlikely) if you paid them the difference, would they change your 570 for another 580??? and SLI 580. Again want to be sure your PSU can handle it.
  10. OK, looks like i'm sticking with the sli 570's. Now, how about grabbing a third card just for physics. Overkill or not. If not, what is the right card for the job. Keep in mind it will be placed in the 4x slot, if that matters.
  11. You don't need a physx card with the current state of games that use physx. I play 4 games that use it Batman Arkham Asylum (older game) doesn't need it, Batman Arkham City (Doesn't need it), borderlands 2 doesnt need it, Metro 2033 doesn't need it. Maybe if a game in the future uses physx but I highly doubt it especially with how taxing a game like Arkham City is with Physx on high. But to answer your question yes quite overkill keep in mind that there aren't many titles that use it so having a card just sitting around waiting to be used isn't a worthwhile investment.
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