What are some good system maintenance programs for W7?


I was just wondering if anyone could list me a few good programs for system maintenance, such as a registry defrag tool, registry cleaning, UI optimization tools, etc. Or maybe even a program that has all of these in it that works well with Windows 7.

I was also wondering if CCleaner works with Windows 7, if anyone happens to know.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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  1. System mechanic.
  2. I've had some pretty bad experiences with System Mechanic; does anyone know if the Auslogics Utility Suite works? I've also heard a bit about Glary's if anyone can verify that.
  3. If CCleaner works with Vista then it should work with Win 7.....
  4. & PerfectDisk, both are Win7 ready. Sorry I can't recommend any freeware none of my cleaners fall in that category.
  5. ok thank you
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