Windows 8 C.P. physical cores in Task Manager - input needed

Good evening folks,

the minor inconvenience i'm experiencing is with the Task Manager in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It's displaying 1 physical core, 4 logical cores. Here are my basic specs as I feel this will only partially help with this software issue:

- Intel i2500k @ 4Ghz
- Gigabyte z68a-d3-b3 w/ a BIOS update performed today
- 8Gigs of something (lol please don't make me look)
- 700 Watt PSU 80plus OCZ
- EVGA GTX260 core 216 stock w/ Windows 8 drivers from Nvidia's website
- Windows 8 Consumer Preview with all updates

I tried searching for this topic on the forums and google but Windows 8 is still very virgin (so to speak) to the average consumer. I'm assuming, just like how my processor underclocks itself to 1.8Ghz to save energy, that this is an energy saving feature to disable the other cores. Gaming wise, everything is great! I can see how a simple reply will finish this topic.

Annnnnddd I just spilled my pepsi on me and the ground. At least my hardware was spared. Time to clean! Please help!
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  1. It is displaying correctly You have 1 physical core the i5 2500 and it has four logical cores inside it AKA quad core. Everything is as it should be enjoy.

  2. The 2500k does indeed have one physical CPU and four logical CPUs. It supports hyperthreading as well, but these are not additional cores, despite being able to run additional threads.
  3. 2500k does not support Hyperthreading only the i7's do in desktop processors. Now in laptops they have I5's that are dual cores and have Hyperthreading.
  4. normally that would be a single cpu, 4 physical cores, 4 logical cores, an i7 with HT would be 4 phys 8 logical. My copy of win8 is virtual, so I can't help to determine if thats normal in win8 or not.
  5. Do not worry, it is handling the threads properly. It should say 1 Physical CPU with 4 Physical Cores but it isn't, but that doesn't mean Windows is messing up how it handles things.
  6. Thank you for your responses guys. No hyperthreading in this machine. :)
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