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hello... I never tried video capture and editing before. As a start I am planning to buy ATI All wonder 128 Pro because that is the only capture card available near my place and I heard the price is quite reasonable though I have no idea if its accompanying software and the hardware itself is good but I understand that it can capture in mpeg-2 format (dvd quality)... Is it possible to convert the captured and edited mpeg-2 movie to mpeg-1 because I am planning to burn captured videos to vcd using my nero burning software because I heard that 2 hours of mpeg-2 will require more than 5 CD-R... Is there any software that can help me?
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  1. 1. the ATI card can capture both Mpg1 and Mpg2.
    2. Yes, there are pleanty of programs to do more convertions if you like.

    3. NO you want a better card then the ATI All I wonder.

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  2. A quick note, as i have plenty of experince doing this::
    You may want to consider making SuperVideoCds instead of VideoCDs. They are burnt, using Nero 5.5, onto regular CDs but are encoded in MPEG2 (although a little lower resolution than DVD quality) and are better quality than VideoCD (provided you keep up a high bit-rate : i tell you, encoding video is almost as much of an art as video editing itself is!).
    One final word of advice if at all possible, keep your original copy either on your hard drive or send it back through DV to the camcorder, ready for when DVD burners become affordable. Once you have encoded a movie to (S)VCD you cant then get the orginal quality back!
  3. I was under the Impression that DVD burners are affordable....

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  4. 500 USD for a burner, doesn't look too appealing to me :)

    No burner is worth more than 200$ if you ask me...

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  5. 1. You can get them much under $500
    2. My Pioneer 103 worth well over $200. I allready made more then this with it.

    Intel / AMD - <A HREF="" target="_new">IBM are still the best</A>
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