BIOS settings before installing Windows

So I built a low budget PC about a year ago, and I have been upgrading and upgrading it. I know that I need to do AHCI mode for my SSD, anything else I need to configure in the BIOS and in general before installing Windows?
i5 2300k @ 2.8 Ghz
256 Gb Premiere Pro Adata SSD
750 Gb 7200 Rpm
PNY GTX 560 Ti
Mobo: TZ68K+ Biostar
2x4, 2x2 GB RAM @ 1600 Mhz (In total 12 Gbs RAM)
Stock Fans.
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  1. I always turn off anything I dont use like parallel ports, serial ports, firewire, usb1.1
    I can always turn them on if I need them but with them off theres less fighting over system resources.
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