My PSU and new graphics card


So i went and ordered a Gigabyte 7770 OC

Only thing im worried about is that i currently have this PSU

"ad-e500ae-a5/a6 - 500W Win Power PSU Model"

Is this going to be enough to power what i have at the moment and a 7770??

I know i need to upgrade but just woundered if this would be ok or am i going to blow my system??

I have an I3 3220 processor - 8gb ram - 1 harddrive and some fans and lights on the case at the moment

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  1. Hi. Any quality 500W PSU will be more than sufficient but I doubt that PSU is one of them. If don't want to keep worrying and have money to spend, I recommend replacing it. Here's a good one:

    Or if you want a 550W version for future upgrades:
  2. Even a cheap 500W psu should handle a 7770 as long as it has the 6/8 pin connector. To make sure however check the Amperage of the psu and post it.
  3. Just post +12v ratings of psu.
  4. any 500w PSU should be fine, just be sure to include a new PSU with your next upgrade.

    Preferably from Corsair, XFX or Seasonic
  5. Thanks the replies. The 12v1 rating is only 14A.

    I dont know much about psu but im guessing thats very weak

    Im looking at upgrading but wont hand money till next month to do so. Thanks the suggestions
  6. Then simply get new psu dude.if you plug that card in your psu will become need minimum 20a on 12v rail.That is why psu watts are not important the +12v output is more crucial
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