Help me! cant get a post

OKAY I have a Hardware issue that has left me very confused and desperate. I decided to upgrade my computers case, Motherboard, and psu. My old system is:
Psu coolermaster 460w
Gpu Saphire hd5770
4gb GSKILL (4sticks of 1gb)
CPU amd phenom 2 b980 (quadcore at 3.7ghz)
crappy roswill case
hitachi 7200rpm hdd and seagate 7200rpm hdd
My pc kept crashing and i was convinced it was the mobo
I bought
Thermtake v4 ATX case
msi 970A-G43
coolermaster 700 w extreme.

During putting together the new pc I had my CPU stuck to the heatsink and spent an hour trying to get the damn thing off. I tried putting rubbing alchol on it. Now I read online that WD40 could help (I know, I'm dumb) and tried that and actually ended up getting it on my cpu pins. I freaked out of course and tried to get it off with my blowdryer and dust off. Anyway I got it off with pliers (yup.) and finally put it together. It wouldnt post. I made sure i didnt miss any of the basics. 12v connector was there ram was in right cpu in right yada yada. Now I decided to see if it was the cpu by putting it back in my old system. I rebuilt my old system and it worked! So I figured it was the MOBO that was broken. I hooked everything back up and booted up my old system and got to the desktop. Now I noticed that my Front case usb wasnt working so I put my hand on the bluetooth dongle i had inserted there and noticed it was super hot! So i turned off the pc and realized I had accidently put the USB connector on the FIREWIRE slot. I went ahead and fixed that and turned my pc back on. NO POST. NO BIOS, power went on but I had no video no beeps either. NO beeps the first time either. So I unplugged my video card to see if that was the problem, i used the integrated graphics and no post. I replaced my cpu with my old anthlon 2 one. NO POST. I have no idea what is wrong. Are both mobos damaged, did i short out my old motherboard somehow? Can anybody help me here, because I would really like to get my system up and running asap! Thank you for reading!
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