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Greetings, long time listener first time caller.
I have a build that I was wondering if I could get a PEACH on, many thanks before hand.

Graphics: XFX Double D - $319.99
CPU: Intel Core i5-3470- $199.99
MOBO: ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77 - $149.99, with the free CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB
CPU Cooling: CORSAIR Liquid CPU Cooler- $70.99

I have a 750 watt PSU, a sizeable case, a few HDs, and a DVD unit on standby to marry with these new purchases. I guess my question is, will this match up? Am I throwing away money or do I have some good items here? Many thanks once again.


P.S. Total price comes out to $740. So folks don't have to do their own math :p
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  1. The z77 Motherboard and that cooler make it seem like you want to do a bit of overclocking.

    If that's the case, then note that the i5-3470 is a locked CPU. You can't OC a locked CPU. You want to get a "K" version like this:

    If that's not the case,then drop the cooler and get a H77 board like this:

    graphics card is good.

    You didn't mention if you had RAM or not.

    Edit:NVM just noticed the free 8gbs of RAM on that Motherboard
  2. looks good.
  3. No, tbh I'm computer hardware illiterate. I can program the life back into Shroedinger's Cat, but I have no clue what overclocking is used for or even how to accompish it. This build is for a basic gaming computer for my other half who wants to play all her games on the highest settings.
  4. O.K. awesome.

    CPU: Intel Core i5-3350P ==all the cpu you will ever need

    Motherboard: Asrock H77 Pro4 ==if you aren't overclocking, then an H77 is the board you want

    RAM:CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB == you want 2 x4gb, not 1x 8gbs

    Graphics Card: that XFX is good

    Cpu Cooler: Use the stock one or if your case can fit it
  5. Now, as a Novice Computer Putter Togetherer, I have no idea why you elected those items vice the ones I had selected. Would you mind too terribly explaining? I'm not just wanting to press the Easy button here and get answers, I would like to learn in addition to getting the right parts for my project.

    Teach me to fish rather than giving me a fish I guess is what I'm saying.

    Edit: Nice thanks, one last question, why would I want 2d4 versus 1d8 (in referrence to RAM).
  6. Haha alright that's awesome.

    The Cpu I picked over yours is slower stock, but doesn't have integrated graphics. Which means it runs cooler. It also is fast enough to handle any and every game you throw at it.

    For the motherboard I picked you out an H77, which the only difference from the z77 is that you can't Overclock. You would have payed more for features you won't likely use.

    Intel's stock CPU cooler is efficient if your not Overclocking, but aftermarket coolers do keep them cooler. If you're not overclocking use an air cooler, be it stock or aftermarket. Liquid is mainly for high OC's.

    Edit: 2x4GB would be the best, because important performances are divided by the system on both the sticks, which doesn't strain up anything and makes everything Smooth with it taking advantage of dual channels.
  7. Wonderful! Many thanks for the lesson. In my own PC I have the Liquid, but then that machine get hot Hot HOT! Mostly due to poor ventilation, but I digest.

    The price is a little less, which is always preferred, but not a big difference. Not upset in the least to save a buck so I think I will go with your suggestions! In the words of my people...

    TY bro!
  8. No problem my friend! I hope it makes your other half happy!
  9. Lordy me too, she cries about her 6 year old e-machine almost daily lol
  10. I would too if I had to rock a dual-core athlon 64 haha
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