Is this a good gaming desktop setup for price?

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  1. hmm.... short answer is yes

    if you build your own with that spec, 1500-1600 bucks will do
  2. So it will last me awhile, I was looking at alienware but they are so expensive.
  3. is it better then this system?

    See link below:
  4. no, actually the #1 is the best setup
    it has i7 and GTX680 which is the most powerful pair in current generation
  5. cyberpower good?
  6. Is*

    Are there better setups for the price or is that pretty darn good? I don't want to build my own by the way i know its cheaper, just don't want to deal with it.
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    sorry i cant point you which one

    please find one with either
    i7 3930K + GTX 680
    i7 3770K + GTX 680
    i7 3570K + GTX 680
  8. those processors are better? Is it because they can be overclocked. Are they any with those specs in the $1800-2000 price range?
  9. Is the cyberpower a reliable brand?
  10. is the Gtx 2GB 680 > Gtx 3GB 660?
  11. will that config run BF3 and Crysis 3 on the highest graphic settings?
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