How do I compare card noise levels?

I'm trying to figure out which of the various gtx 650 tis out there has the lowest noise level. What kinds of things should I be looking for? Fan size? Should I avoid OC editions? etc. Any advice?

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  1. if you are to get a 650ti, id rather get a 7850 but then ok ill help

    you should look for a cooler with a axial fan (not the closed centrifugal types) and make sure that it has a large fan

    some quiet coolers come from gigabyte, asus, galaxy, and msi for the most part. evga cards almost never come with a decent sized fan
  2. I'm already sold on 3D Vision, so I'm only considering NVidia's offerings.

    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely look for graphics cards with large axial fans.

    <goes off to google to look up "axial fan">
  3. Just remember when you are comparing noise, every 3 DBa in difference is an effective doubling in noise. So between 46 DBa and 49 DBa, 49 DBa is twice as loud than 46 DBa
  4. go for the asus direct cu II
  5. I'm only seeing 1gb asus 650 ti's. Are there 2gb varieties I'm not aware of?
  6. yes both 1gb and 2gb variants are available
  7. I don't suppose you could help me out with a link?

    I can't find it on Google, either of the two Amazon sites I use (.com and, Newegg, nor Asus's website.

    Asus only lists these three:

    All 1gb variants.

    Newegg also only lists three 1gb cards:
  8. dude, a 650ti doesnt run 3d well. you would also need a 300-400 dollar 120hz monitor to make use of 3d. by then i can get a 7950 and a 200 dollar IPS monitor and get better graphics and better image quality. to run 3d, you need at least a gtx 660. that would get you high settings at most

    this would be the quietest 650ti you can find
  9. TheBigTroll said:
    dude, a 650ti doesnt run 3d well. you would also need a 300-400 dollar 120hz monitor to make use of 3d. by then i can get a 7950 and a 200 dollar IPS monitor and get better graphics and better image quality. to run 3d, you need at least a gtx 660. that would get you high settings at most

    this would be the quietest 650ti you can find

    Thanks, but that's a 1gb card. I'm looking for a 2gb variant, and willing to a pay a few extra bucks to get it. Do you suppose this one is as quiet?

    As for 3D, I'm going to have to beg to differ. Even a 9800 gt (what I'm using now) can run a good number of games in stereoscopic 3D at acceptable framerates; it all depends on the age and/or nature of the game. (Some games will not run at acceptable framerates even though they are older, and some games will run OK even though they are newer.)

    This is in 32-bit XP, by the way (so DX9 only), and with a fairly old CPU.

    In any case, it's moot point. The other reason I'm preferring NVidia is because of what I have heard about Radeon driver support for Ubuntu. They're making good progress, but they're not quite there yet.
  10. from what i know, if Linus torvalds has to throw a f-bomb at nvidia for their lack of support, it doesnt make them any better

    if you are running bf3 in 3d, you need a better card. what games are you talking about that you can run in 3d no problem? they must be pretty old

    your card will work fine, but then at that rate, i can get myself a gtx 660 1gb which will perform better than a 2gb 650ti
  11. Eh, the politics don't interest me so much. What interests me more is whether graphics drivers work or not RIGHT NOW. And NVidia has that edge in Ubuntu. AMD has a better long-term strategy for driver support via openness, imo, but that's long term, and hasn't borne fruit yet. So it's purely academic to what card I plan to buy now.

    WoW, Trine, D3, and countless other DX9 or lower (not BF3, haha) games work OK on my rig in stereo 3D, though D3 huffs and puffs a bit too much in my monitor's native res (1920x1080), so I prefer to play it in 2D. I also enjoy retro gaming just as much as modern gaming. I'd love to play Skyrim in stereo 3D, but (I think) I wouldn't be able to do that even with a gtx 680, because of the age of everything else in my system. I don't play twitch FPSs. I barely play FPSs at all.

    So why not a 660 1gig for 50 bucks more? Because the performance gains are barely proportionate to the price jump, even in a beefy rig (and mine is not beefy), and the tdp is a significant jump upwards. My psu is rated for 450 watts, but it's not the highest quality, so I'm taking that rating with a grain of salt. (I almost decided on the vanilla gtx 650, for its even lower tdp!) This card is definitely overkill for this system, but I'm building a new system in 6 months or so, so I'll swap it over for a while until I can afford to upgrade it and then swap it back into this old system. Basically, I want the best nvidia card my psu in this system will handle, and in my case "best" = "quietest/most efficient" in addition to "high performing."

    In any case, that's one of the seductive evils of graphics cards: you can always pay "just a little bit more" to get a nicer one. You have to draw the line somewhere.

    What did you think of the card I linked? It has two fans instead of one; will that make it a lot louder than the fan on the card you linked?
  12. the gigabyte card that you linked would do won't be as loud as you think.
    the kepler cards are significantly quieter
  13. its not a minor jump man, its a pretty big jump for around 50w more power. this card barely draws power. the line is drawn at the 7950/660ti mark. thats when you dont get a huge improvement in speed

    the card you chose should be around the same in terms of volume as the one i linked, maybe a touch louder. but it will be cooler. honestly for 20 bucks more i can get that gtx 660 given how much the 650ti you chose costs
  14. I agree; the card I linked is overpriced for what it is. I have a feeling it will drop in price over the next month or two.

    The 660s on are actually $50 more, not $20. And regardless of how good a card the 660 is, my fps is going to jump to 0 if it fries my psu. I'm already pushing it by getting a 650 ti instead of a 650.

    Thank you very much for the advice!
  15. you can purchase anywhere else like in newegg or us.ncix. both have free shipping. i dont see why not?
  16. @TheBigTroll I referenced amazon to compare apples to apples on pricing. I'll check ncix, thanks. Newegg doesn't ship internationally, for the most part. I use it for reference only.

    @siddharthmukul007 Thanks, but none of those cards are the asus you recommended.

    Looks like the gigabyte is the quietest 2gb variant.
  17. where are you though?
  18. Japan.

    And I have to apologize; I didn't intend this to be a thread dedicated only to giving me advice on a specific card purchase. Rather, I wanted generic advice on how to spot card constructions that tend to be quieter than others (or noisier). And you gave me some great advice on that right at the beginning.

    It makes me wonder: why are all EVGA's fans centrifugal type? You say they're noisier. I assume that this is because the fans are smaller (and whinier).

    Are they cheaper to make? Is it because the blow the air at right angles, and straight back out of the case? Are they better at cooling in SFF cases (my case is huge, but I'm just wondering)?
  19. i doubt amazon ships internationtally unless there is amazon japan.

    the benefit of centrifugal fans is that it doesnt affect the overall case temperature as it dumps heat outside the case rather inside. they are noisier because they have to spin much faster to suck air into the card and then eject it out
  20. Thanks, that is what I was suspecting. I'd rather install an extra (large and quieter) fan inside my case to make up for it, so that's good to know.

    From experience, I can tell you that,, and all ship internationally AND accept credit cards from other countries. That information is of little (economic) use to you, however, because the pound and yen both butcher the puny North American dollars.

    But if you like console gaming and/or importing, go wild. can be viewed in English, if you need.

    Newegg, on the other hand, not only does not ship internationally; it will not even accept an international credit card. So I can't order things on it and have them ship to friends and family living in America.
  21. ships internationally, but will charge you a fortune unless you reside in china, which shipping costs as much as shipping inside canada (where i am)
  22. It looks NCIZ offers better pricing for the gigabyte card you're considering.
    there is a GTX 650 Ti Review showing noise level comparison on Tom's website. unfortunately, there are not too many brands.,3318-18.html
  23. at ncix, you buy from the canadian site to order internationally

    just keep in mind shipping costs are still there
  24. Thanks. When I'm ready to buy the card, I'll compare all the various sites.

    One last question. Which of these two cards would you say is quieter, and why?

    ZOTAC ZT-61102-10M GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

    GIGABYTE GV-N65TOC-2GI GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
  25. id say gigabyte given i have one of their cards and are very quiet. they shouldnt be too far off from each other
  26. Thank you, sir. You've been a big help to me in this thread. (Props to bill and siddharth as well!)
  27. welcome and happy to help

    all the best
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