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ok im looking for a graphics card for my hp dc7700 sff computer, it can only fit low profile cards and only has a 240w power the 12v ratings are +12v = 7.5A, +12vcpu = 11.5A, 12v = 0.15A and 25w to the pcie, i have a core 2 duo 2.4ghz e6600 and 4gb ram can someone please recomend a budget low profile card capable of running games like dawn of war 2 moh airborne and borderlands 1 thanks in advance
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  1. you have to go for the hd 6450 or the hd 5450

    the 6450 is a better card though but requires more power than the 5450
  2. Go for hd will work with your psu.
  3. the tdp of the cards are as follows:

    hd 5450: 19W
    hd 6450: 31W
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