6850 or 650 ti

Hey, im running a 6850 and its fine only thing is that my motherboard is old so the pci-e is slowing the down the cards performance. So i want to know if i should get the 650 ti 1gb grr5. Would it be better than my 6850. The only upper hand i can say is i would be sorta trading cards. My old 6850 for a brand new 650 ti.... should i do it? BTW I game alot...
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  1. what are your other? system specs??

    i have not seen pci-e slowing down any graphic card unless it is a very very old one
  2. GTX 650 Ti will give you a Boost.
    You'll be able to play games on Ultra with less AA
    I would recommend you the 2GB version.
    But it depends upon PSU too

    PCI slot shouldn't slow you down.
    Btw which Mobo & PSU you have?
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