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I just got my Gigabyte GTX 670 2 weeks ago and other than play skyrim on ultra I have not used it that much but when I am idling I get random spikes in my memory clock, GPU clock and gpu usage, the spikes are not usually that bad my memory clock goes from 324 to 3005 for about 3 seconds then drops to 324 again (the spikes are usually within 10min of each other). My gpu usage on the hardware monitor looks like someone scribbled on the screen but my gpu usage stays pretty low. It might be nothing but Id like to know for the peace at mind THANKS to anyone who helps/responds.

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  1. well the new gtx 6xx series do throttle the gpu clock speeds depending on load. and have different clocks for 2d mode and 3d mode.
  2. So to be more clear, is it something I should be worried about??
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