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Hey guys, back after a long break of enjoying my new build. This is a question of a friend whos building his first computer, were doing it atm and will probably resume tomorrow. Im pretty sure I know the answer but......

He has an Asus mobo. There are two available IDENTICAL gtx 670 graphics cards, an Asus and an EVGA. Since its an Asus mobo, I advised the Asus GPU, but EVGA is known for better customer service. Is it better for him to get the ASUS or EVGA gpu? I know some companies including Asus have software that works between different products(ex corsair link), is this the same situation?

Looks won't be an issue since he won't be able to see it without opening the case.

I, now that I think about it, would say go EVGA for the support, BUT if there is an Asus link software, Asus seems better......

which one?
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  1. I think I could say that having parts with same brand doesn't matter. What I would like to ask for picknig between the cards is how will he use it? will we go sli? or not?

    If SLI, i'll go withh evga, because the cooler of asus, having two fans inside will be sandwiched together, very near from each other that it will be choked for cool air, therefore it will run hotter than the evga which blows the hot air at the back.

    If not SLI, I'll go for Asus, since it will be cooler if your gonna run only 1 gpu. And will be quieter too.
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    Getting a Asus card with Asus Mobo will make no Difference.
    So get Evga, as it has good Service.
    And the card is good.
    You really need good service in Electronic Items.

    But getting Asus will be good too.
    They have nice Build Quality.
    Some Review Sites have given Asus GTX 670 a 10 for the first time! :lol:

    But in the end this all will not make much difference. Just get what you want
    I would get Asus, as it has a good Cooling & looks.
    I've never heard of problems with Asus Cards.
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