Build help , Want to know if it'll all play nice before ordering

^ I don't know how to fancily link things

That is my build i have a compatible Hard drive at home and a monitor and keyboards and a mouse

I just want to make sure it'll all play nice with each other and play nice with Linux and just general browsing( youtube, netflix etc) no gaming at all except older games like age of empires 1 and 2 so not really an issue

Any input would be appreciated spent a while on this hopefully it isn't pure crap , i know next to nothing about older and or lower end parts so i did my best with my knowledge ! So hopefully no glaring oversights on my part :o

If a part/parts should be changed i would love to know what you guys would prefer in that slot instead budget can change 20-50 dollars if it has to.]]
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  1. Do you mean compatible? Are you building this yourself? Because if you do, do are missing the psu. I don't know whether you have a psu or not but you ain't going to run anything without one. And do check that your cpu has integrated graphics. I never uses amd cpu before so I can't comment on that.
  2. Can you tell me your budget? I could help you build one.
  3. Yeah it will play great, but make sure you get a PSU.

    Pete123edgar that CPU has integrated graphics. It's an APU.
  4. Budget is 250 with shipping if that helps? Just wanna browse internet and learn linux .

    And the case has a built in 300w will that be enough?
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