Need suggestions on motherboards and help with this.

i was wondering how well will an intel i5 3570k work with a msi gtx 660ti pe/oc Fps wise on Bf3 ultra 1920 by 1080.
also i was wondering what motherboard to get with this setup. preferable an asus and somthing under $100 but if it will run faster on somthing over $100 than please tell me. also if there is any other recomndations motherboard wise please tell me.
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  1. An i5 3570k and Nvidia 660ti will run BF3 with no problems at 1080p.
    An is pretty inexpensive but it has PCIE 3.0 which will benefit your Nvidia 660ti. If you want to OC a or will do you pretty good and they're stable boards from the reviews!

    Good luck!
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