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Hello, I'm thinking about asking for the 7950 for my birthday. $320 at Newegg. My birthday is coming up in a week so I'll have to ask soon. I'm going to pair it with a i5 3570k, which is currently paired with a Radeon HD 5770.

Should I ask for it or should I wait until the next generation? I like to run the new games, but if I do not get the 7950 (or another video card), I'll have to wait until my birthday again.

Or another card suggestion would work, too. I'd like the deadline for my decision in a day or two. I'd ask then.
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    The 7950 is a great card, and a great bang for you buck. I am assuming you are playing @1080 or below, so you should have no issues with it.

    If you need to wait until next year to get a new card, I would get one now. With a bit of an OC you can push it a bit further, plus you get the extra vram for the games coming out in 2013.
  2. 5770 To 7950 good upgrade For I5.
  3. Thanks for the answers, but sadly I took too long to ask haha. I'm hoping to get a job anyway and then I'll show everyone . . . running quadfire 7950's! lmao
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