Gtx 660 bottleneck

i have a g620 and iwant to get a gtx 660 will there be any bottleneck or i just go and get a 650 ti my res is 1600x900
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  1. yes
  2. what are your other system specs?
    if you can go for the gtx 650 ti,gtx 660 should not be bottlenecked
  3. h61m s2p
    4gb ddr3 1066
    500gbv hdd
    antec vp450p will buy it wioth the card
  4. you can go for the 660 if you so wish...there won't be any bottleneck from your other hardware except your psu.
    the 660 has a tdp of 140w if i m not wrong.
    the 650ti also is an excellent card with the tdp of 110w and should not face the psu bottleneck even.

    go to powercalculator for details
  5. if i get the 660 i have to wait til march or so do u think its worth the wait p.s im not a a very patient guy
  6. don't you worry you will be safe with the 650ti..
    if you take the 660,you most likely have to get a new psu as well.

    good luck pal
  7. get the 660. don't worry about the bottleneck. you can always upgrade your cpu/mobo later.
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