Is my first PC gaming build a good build?

This is my first gaming PC build and actually my first build of any kind of computer. I need some advice with my selections cause I'm a newbie at this stuff so any feedback would be appreciated. I'm playing on playing lots of Minecraft, Arma 2, Battlefield 3, etc... Will this be able to run those games smoothly?
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  1. I'm not a fan of microATX board so I don't suggest it unless the situation calls for it, but you have a big case and budget isn't tight, so yea, you'd be better off with a full ATX board.

    GPU is overpriced and by the looks of it, uses reference cooling so I won't suggest it unless you have a CUSTOM water loop.
    I suggest getting any of these instead, there is NO performance loss whatsoever. These would even give you better temps than the reference model.

    PSU is good, but I suggest getting a modular PSU for convenience. These ones are cheaper too.

    Both are OEM's by Seasonic and are solid performers.

    Get low profile RAM for easier CPU cooler installation if ever you need to, and you don't need the useless tall heat spreaders.

    Don't bother with the Kingston SSD, Sandforce has a lot of issues, some of which have found fixes, but I won't risk it.

    Not sure why you need 2TB of HDD space, but here's a cheaper alternative.
    Personally, I'd rather go for a 1TB 7200RPM 64mb Caviar Blue.
  2. -asus z77 matx boards with the exception of the maximus v gene have quite a few bios problems.
    -there are better 7970s out there
    -sandforce is fine and kingston is pretty good about it. just that there are better options

    id get something like this

    hard drive


    if you are not going to run 2 video cards, drop down to this power supply
  3. Thank you so much you two and I edited the cart and I agree it looks much better.
    Thanks again!
  4. -id get rid of that fan.
    -the msi z77 g41 is pretty low end. my recommendation of the Lk from asus is much much better
    -hard drive is much cheaper elsewhere
    -the 7970 performs better for cheaper
    -raidmax is crap. id suggest my unit or a seasonic x750.the seasonic eing the best of the 2.
    you have 2 boards in the shopping cart. id still suggest getting the Lk over the extreme4.
    -you have 2 video cards
    -2 power supplies
    -my ram is cheaper elswhere
  5. Bullshark12 said:
    Thank you so much you two and I edited the cart and I agree it looks much better.
    Thanks again!

    Hun, I think you forgot to remove the first batch of parts you listed. :P

    Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't recommend the LK over the Extreme4 since the latter has more features for the price and is undeniably the best board you can get in that price range.|13-157-293^13-157-293-TS%2C13-131-837^13-131-837-02%23

    Though right now, Newegg is having a promo on the LK - you get a free 8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM. That shaves off $50 from your cart, so you should consider that if you wanna save some cash.

    And yes, unless you need the extra fans, you can just get rid of it as TBT said. The fans on the Storm Enforcer should suffice.

    Here's a better CPU cooler.

    Assuming everything under the Raidmax PSU is the updated build, I say it's good to go. That XFX PSU can support up to 2-way SLI and some OCs, it's made by Seasonic as well so you know it's amazing quality.
  6. upgrade the jigga watts in the motherboard and make sure your modem can handle the ram coming from the dingle tron. Also make sure that the CPU GPU digy tron is able to handle the pure power. oohh, and make sure you have a nice and shiny case with blue LEDs
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