HD7850 desktop mode high gpu usage ?

Hi all,
i just joined up, i had been follow this forum for years but decied to register for ask my problem

and english is not my native language so i can make mistakes sometimes, excuses..

anyway i had purchased my sapphire 7850 2gb dual-x 2 days ago

everything was perfect, can play my games high settings

but i start to hear a sound from gpu at high frame rates

i searched and its coil whining

and today i have serious problem

game performance dropped, nfs most wanted yesterday 50-60 fps and today 19-20!!!!

no 3d app running but my gpu usage on desktop is %90+

here is a SS, i dont know to to add picture so i give the link of my screen

using 12.11 beta 11

is it a software or hardware error

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  1. It's nearly 100% a software problem. Have you tried doing a clean reinstall of the AMD drivers? Try this guide: http://www.overclock.net/t/988215/how-to-properly-uninstall-ati-amd-software-drivers-for-graphics-cards
  2. i installed 12.10 from amd website my frame rates now okay
    but i quit game, im in desktop but it has same issue
    high usage again!

    card didnt reconize im in desktop

    i will look at this thread
  3. its same already
    my performance bad again even with 12.10

    i think its because of msi afterburner

    is it possible?
  4. Hi its me again

    i tried many thing

    i removed hwinfo,afterburner lof off and log on then

    opened CCC and overdrive


    and gpu usage after 3 min %54 and suddenly %91

    not drop to zero again, never!

    my card is broken or my software has problem

    windows 8 core x64 and CCC 12.10(same 12.11 beta11)

    what should am i do?
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