How to setup 2 network2 on a single router.

Hi guys, I am running a company network with 1 router (10 computers). They want to add another department with 5 computers but different network and make sure the 2 networks can't see each others data. I am using XP workspace on the first 10 computers. Can I add another one or there are better ways to do this. Thanks for the help.
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  1. There is two ways you can approach this and it depends on how complicated you want to go. If your router supports it you can run two different vlans on it. What that would do is treat the networks like they are on different switches and wala! You can always run then on different subnets as well, but that might get tricky depending on your DHCP setup or not if you use static.

    You can always just buy another router to run them through and do it that way if you want to keep dhcp alive. What is your current setup, if I may ask (i. Router => computers or router => switch => computers), and any details on makes/models?
  2. Thank you jlandi. I am having a Verizon Modem-> router->switch->10 computers.
    I am using static ip for every computer. I am thinking building 2 workspaces and set the password to prevent access of 2 departments. Is that possible? Or maybe you have a better solution? (I might try to setup different subnet too.)
  3. Fyi. The router was made by linksys and the switch is 24 ports d-link.
  4. I would say to just lock down the computers so the end users cannot change their workgroup and just setup two different workgroups. Users theoretically can still access shares by IP address so, depending on how secure you are going you can switch subnets.
  5. Thanks jlandi. I have 2 workgroups now but it seems like there are no places for me to setup the security between 2 workgroups. I couldn't find the place to put the password. Any thoughts? thanks a lot.
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    You might want to use network segregation, which is described here:

    You would need to pick up a second inexpensive router that would act as the shield router to the second network, and it works for wired/wireless/or networks with both.

    Another, although slightly more complicated way, would be to flash your firmware to dd-wrt if your router is supported (see support list HERE) and set up two VLANs as discussed on the dd-wrt wiki pages like this:
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