I think I have a bad PSU but I'm not sure

Hey guys I have an issue with my gaming computer that was built almost four years ago. It's been great so far but just recently I have been getting some random restarts and I can not figure out what to do. Usually what happens is I'll be launching a program and all the sudden the screen goes black, the lights on my keyboard turn off and I'm looking at the start up screen, no blue screen or any indication as to what just happend. I then get the message that windows was not shut down properly. I'll give two really good examples below.

I have always paid attention to my temps like a hawk and those continue to look good before and after the random crash. I do routine virus scans and have found nothing but tracking cookies, other than checking my bank account I rarely use the Internet to browse so I can't see a virus being an issue.

Example 1: I spent a few hours playing swtor (Warcraft type game) along with pandora going in google chrome when I realized pandora had stopped playing. I'm used to that feature which will stop the music until you click the button to resume so it knows your listening. I alt tab and as soon as I click the button to resume I get the reboot.

Example 2: I have the launcher for a game open and patching/updating files. While that's going I decide to open up mumble which takes quite a while. Finally opens but the moment I load in and see the channels of the server I get the random reboot.

Sorry for rambling on but does anyone have any idea what is wrong? I was thinking the psu but I just finished playing a game for roughly 4 hours straight and no issues what so ever. I also let prime95 run for roughly 30 min and had no issues at all. I am using Vista 64 bit with a core I7 920 processor and can provide more info if needed.
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  1. Random means random. It may or may not occur at any time. the first thing I would suggest is a good cleaning. Blow out all dust etc. and re-seat all connectors and boards. User a pink or green pencil eraser to clean the "fingers" on boards. Unless you have your own electronics laboratory the only way to locate a hardware failure is to replace suspect components with known good ones. Other than that you're shooting in the dark. Good luck.
  2. Consider reinstalling your operating system. Or better yet, upgrade to windows 7 or 8.
    Also clean our your case just because that'd improve cooling and reduce noise potentially.
    Then make sure you have the latest drivers.

    What is your motherboard?
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