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I just put together a new build and I'm using AMD FX6300 AM3+ Socket, I need a heatsink with fan that blows sideways, or basically out the vent fan in the back of my case. I know some blow straight out a side panel vent, but I have an intake fan there so I want it to blow sideways instead of up. Are there any compatible heatsinks that can do that with AM3+? Don't worry about space, I grabbed a full tower with plenty of room.
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  1. The Hyper 212 is a good choice. If you want to pay a bit more I'd recommend the Noctua NH-U9B:
  2. I second the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO. They are the best bang for your buck and the fan that is included is really nice. It is good for moderately overclocked systems. If you are going all out the Noctua would be good.
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