White lines down the screen..

These are my parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/nz/p/vObD

This is the image I get when my computer turns on:

Is it my monitor? Is it my settings for the monitor and pc? Is it my HD7970?

All help is appreciated :)

EDIT: Have tried on 2 monitors, exact same thing happening. :/

Edit2: Have just restarted again, the lines are now yellow/ orange? PLUS when i go in to the menu, the lines go behind the menu of the screen settings. Could it be my cable? Im using a VGA cable.
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  1. Reinsert gpu. reset monitor.
  2. hytecgowthaman said:
    Reinsert gpu. reset monitor.

    Done and done.. lines went green at the start but changed back to white when i went to the bios :/ is the gpu screwed?
  3. well.. just found it was the GPU :'( i plugged the VGA cable in to the mobo and set the integrated graphics as default and it works flawlessly...
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