Need help in choosing a GPU

My System specs are below

Intel i5 Processor (4M Cache, 3.20 GHz)
400W PSU
Monitor - 1600x900

Am planning to upgrade my old GPU(HD 4350), currently am checking between HD 7750 & HD 7770
With my old PSU i think i may be able to use 7750
But if i need to go for 7770 then i need to change my PSU

Should i go for 7770 even if it costs me more(also need to change PSU)?
I don't play much in online, but try out the latest games(AC series, Crysis, COD etc) mostly RPG, so is the card 7750 enough for me.
help me out plz
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  1. What model PSu is it? If it's a good brand then it will do a 7770 fine.
  2. hytecgowthaman said:

    Where the heck did you get a GTX 580 from?? OP asked for choice between 7750 or 7770...

    I would also agree with Darth, if it's a good quality 400W PSU, the 7770 will be fine. If it's a cheap, generic brand 400W PSU, go with the 7750 (with GDDR5 memory) or perhaps you should even consider getting a good quality PSU and upgrading your graphics card at a later stage (although, I admit, I wouldn't be too keen on doing that either).
  3. Please tell your +12v amperage ratings of psu.
  4. My PSU is a genric brand cheap one only
  5. Also it doesn't have a PCIe pin in my current PSU
  6. Short answer get new psu.corsair cx430w psu is reccommended
  7. is corsair 430W psu enough for 7770 or need to get 500W?
  8. Corsair 430w is more than enough for hd are good to go.
  9. That corsair PSU will be fine
  10. hytecgowthaman said:

    You should be permanently banned from this website for using hwcompare. Only people who know nothing about graphics cards uses it. Also, where the hell did you get a 580 from?
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