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So my computer just went up in smoke. The bit to the left of the motherboard was where the smoke was coming from. Needless to say, I have bought a new motherboard and a better psu (850w gold corsair).

My question is, would it be unsafe to use the fried motherboard to test if my pc is also fried? I need to check if it got taken down with it, and was curious to know if attempting to run power through it could cause damage to the cpu(if it didnt die)
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  1. You may have connected the wrong lead on your fried power supply. Be careful with the new board connections. I would do a breadboard test with the new power supply and old motherboard. If it doesn't post, then try it with the new board. Use onboard video if your board and cpu supports it.
  2. Everything worked fine for a year and a month and then suddenly this. The old mobo stinks of melted plastic so i daren't fiddle with it
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