AMD Athlon 2 x4 + 1GB Radeon HD 7770

Hi everyone,

Im looking to throw together a quick system with the sole reason of playing Arma 2's day Z mod. Im on a very tight budget. Last year I bought a 2nd hand PC off some dude, it ran off of a AMD Athlon 2 im assuming it was an x4 and had a geforce graphics card havent got a clue which one. But it ran Arma 2 all on highest settings with default view distance etc.

Anywho, my car insurance was due and I had to sell it, making do with my crappy laptop.

I now have the real hankering to play it again, I'm going to build a proper gaming pc in the summer, this is to tie me over, the only reason I want it is to decently play the Arma 2 Day Z mod.

My specs are going to be:

CPU: AMD Athlon ii x4
GPU: Radeon HD 7770
RAM: 8GB Corsair
MoBo: Gigabyte Blargh (dunno which one, costs $70, should do the trick?)
PSU: 500W Silverstone Strider SST-ST50F-ES 80PLUS Bronze

and the crappiest cheapest tower I can find to shove it all in.

Will this be sufficient to have a decent game of day Z on high settings, I read its very CPU intensive, I cannot afford an I5.

This should cost me somewhere in the region of $450, Sell the b**tch for scrap come summer I dont care I just want my Arma and my Amnesia back! If I have to play BO2 on xbox for another week I think Im gonna cry!
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  1. are u from us/canada?
  2. No im from the UK, $70 was USD though, Im not living in the UK atm. I should add that this will be my first ever self build. Hence the question.
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