Use an old pc for a HTPC?

hey guys I have an old computer I was thinking of turning into a HTPC. I plan sticking it under my my bed and running an HDMI cable to the Tv on the wall in my bedroom. I can only use the gtx 460 for that, sadly. I could buy a basic video card with HDMI on it too but I don't see the point. atleast with the 460 gtx I could play some games. I also plan on streaming videos on the network so small storage isn't an issue I don't think. maybe picking up a 500gb blue drive might be a good idea tho.

core 2 duo, e6600
evga 680i SLi mb
gtx 460 or gts 8800
4 gb ddr2 ram
150gb raptor hd
some thermaltake mid tower case
x4 1050 psu LOL (it's a backup)
windows 7 64

do you think I should reuse these parts? would it be better to buy some parts? I will need a wireless card, I prefer pcie 1. anyone know a good one to get that is less than?
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  1. I think it's a great idea, as long as you can run it quietly. Last thing you want is a vacuum cleaner running under your bed. Since it's just an HTPC, I'd look into downclocking and undervolting to reduce the heat you have to deal with. It doesn't take much to handle home theatre duties.

    As for a wifi card, those are cheap. Here's a whole page of em.
  2. they'll work with linksys router right? its m# wrt54gl
  3. major thing I gotta get is a heatsink.. for some reason the RPM thing that came with the zalman cooler isn't working anymore. it's fan cable is only 3 pin so I can't adjust it in the bios either. I will prob just buy a default heatsink off ebay. not sure why I threw that thing away.
  4. Yep, any of those should work.

    As for a cooler, you don't need to go crazy. The stock should do you fine, although an aftermarket may be quieter. The price difference will probably be minimal unless you can talk someone at a local computer shop to sell you a stock cooler for cheap. They'll usually have them laying around.
  5. More then enough grunt for an HTPC. Just keep an eye out for dust build up as computers on the floor tend to have that issue.

    Undervolting is a great idea. I did just that with my media center.
  6. what's a good remote to get? so I don't have to use keyboard and mouse all the time.
  7. There are a few options. You can get mini wireless keyboards that have a built in control. Essentially, you don't need to use a mouse as it is precise enough to use just the keyboard.

    You can buy a remote, but I can't help you there.

    Lastly, if you've got an android phone, there is an app called RemoteDroid. It essentially turns your phone into a keyboard and touchpad. I use it all the time. Best of all, this last option is free.
  8. I have the Media Center remote(The XP MCE one) and it works well for Media Center it self. It also works with most media players, but a kyeboard/mouse replacement is a good idea for sure as it will make jumping from program to program much better.

    I have this as well, not the mouse is not perfect, but it gets the job done. The range is ok, but not great.

    wiggbot, I like the tablet/phone idea for anyone that has one.
  9. mainly wanting something cheap. I don't have any smart phones etc(no need for one).
    saw newegg has universal remotes. maybe something like that would work?
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