To people that has gotten their Cyberpower pc in the last few months

How is it? was anything wrong with it? i'm considering buying a cyberpower pc soon but i wanna know how they're computers are recently. A little paranoid due to some horror stories. Thanks.
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  1. Suggest building your own. More bang for your buck.
  2. Like many of the boutique vendors, they tend to cut corners wherever they can. Frequently, this is the PSU, which is a particularly bad idea. They may also use weak graphics cards, and by the time you specify upgrades, the cost clearly indicates that you'd probably be better off building it yourself (or finding a more knowledgeable friend or even a local shop to help you do it).
  3. Trust me, i went down the cyberpc road several years your own.

    unoriginal1 and onus are speaking the truth.
  4. Build your own......even if you've never done it before, everyone is here to help. You'll save money, or, if you spend the same amount, have a MUCH better system.
  5. I've had two over the years (nothing recent - maybe 3 years ago) and they were great, still running fine.
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