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hello today i just finished builidng my i3 3220 build and when i downloaded cpu-z it says my cpu is 1600mhz but every 5-10 seconds it jumps to 3300mhz for like 0.5sec is that normal when im not doing anything on my pc?

and also as you can see on the left it says my ram is 800mhz ? is that normal aswell? but i have a 1600mhz ram Corsair xms3

And also is everything right with my pc build as seeing from the picture?

P.S im just using gt 520 for about a month then when i get money i will buy the 7850
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  1. nah it's alright, its because you enabled intel in the bios that fluctuates your cpu speeds. and 800mhz is fine, if you want to change it, go to bios and change it.
  2. Your processor drops in speed to save power

    Intel call this speed step . You could turn it off in BIOS but that wont do anything except use more power
  3. Thanks
  4. Hey i went into BIOS in the simple Asus BIOS it saus i have 4068g installed and that it is 1600mhz but when i go to advanced and then tools it says that Maximum Bandwidth is 1333mhz is that normal?

    so when i play games the mhz will go up same with ram? or ram it will always be 800?
  5. 800 x 2 (you multiply that number by two) = 1600
  6. can i ask why that is and also why does it say 1333mhz in tools in BIOS??
  7. Couldn't tell you why they choose to do it that way, it's just the way it is. I believe it had something to do with the fact that DDR2 is two channel, and it's 800mhz per channel, but you still multiple the DDR3 by two as well... so who knows. Not me, I just know that you multiply it. (want to learn more? Google it :P) About the 1333, it shouldn't say that. Might be a mobo limiting issue? What mobo do you have. Can you change it to 1600?
  8. Asus P8H61-MX USB3 says here and yesit was auto and i changed it to 1600mhz but when i go to tools and then informations it comes out with ram info etc and on the left it says Maximum Bandwidth something like that and next to it 1333mhz if you want i can make a pic with my phone and upload it?
  9. The CPU-Z profile looks fine.
  10. So i should not worry bout the 1333mhz on BIos tools?
  11. Take a picture and post it.
  12. Don't worry about any of this. The computer is running as it should.
  13. ok i made two pics this is the simple bios that i get when pressing f2 at startup and the second Picture is Advanced>Tools>Information

    No 2

  14. You have 2 different sticks of RAM so the computer is defaulting to the slowest stick.
  15. Well The Problem is that no i don't i only have one 1x4gb Corsair xms3 DDR3 1600mhz so i got the second one in my pc so i dont know what the first one is about
  16. You have only 1 stick of RAM in your computer?
  17. yes just one going to buy another one next week with my New 7850. Wait so is it bad having just one ram Stick in a pc?
  18. No, it will be fine. Its always better to buy ram together so make sure the stick you buy has the same speed, memory, voltage, and timings as your current stick.
  19. oh ok thanks so when i buy it i should not worry about these Bios information?
  20. you need all the information it says for your current stick.

  21. oh ok but still dont understand what JEDEC is in the BIOS picture? Thanks for your help
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    This is functioning properly. The JEDEC profile is the "standard", but XMP profile allows the ram to run at is specified speeds. Nothing is wrong here, it's all working properly.
  23. Just buy the same RAM as you already have in the PC and it will be fine.
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