Desktop and taskbar is freezing when running an explorer.

Yep, as the title says I'm experiencing my Win7 Ulti to fail and freeze when I run an app from my desktop.
It goes on loading forever, like its trying to figure out whats wrong.. Meanwhile I can only manage and control the app that I've opened (in this case, Google Chrome..)
The computer is like 3 days old.. I really hate to see it failing on me this fast.. :S
Urgent help! /;

This far its only when I'm running a internet explorer, like IE or Chrome, wether its from the start menu or desktop doesnt matter.

It happens that after a minute or two it stops loading and unfreezes.. But its rare? - What could be wrong? :/
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  1. Do you have Google Desktop on it? I've seen some reports of people having Google Desktop and this issue occurring. If so, try removing it. Do you have any additional "extras" in IE? If that is a no go, try and do a start up repair and see if that fixes the issue.
  2. Thanks for your reply, but no :)
    It was my IDM's (Internet Download Manager) integrated browser support that caused the problem, it is a known bug, so I just disabled it and now it's working fine ^^
  3. You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)
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