5 yr old gaming build. What should I upgrade?

I'm looking to improve gaming performance. Tired of low FPS rates basically. Haven't touched anything computer related for awhiel so just looking for some tips!

Here are my specs:

8gb ram gskills sticks x4
p7p55d-e pro asus mobo
ati hd 5850 vid card (that constantly overheats and blackscreens my comp)
corsair tx750 psu
Rest are basic and irrelevant I think.

I generally play MMO'ish games like d3, gw2, ffxiv. Currently playing gw2 which I play on high ish settings but the fps isn't so great. Guess my budget would be about 400 but if gains are significant maybe 500 ish :D. I'm thinking I should upgrade my gpu first and then CPU and mobo? Not sure what I should get with that budget.

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  1. i5-3750k

    Why 32 gigs of ram :o ? i'd replace those with 4x 4gb vengeance

    geforce gtx 580 Graphics card

    Don't know the motherboard though, but i'd go for a new one, with the same brand.
  2. Best answer
    Get a HD7870 and see how it goes. Since you say your current graphics card overheats your PC, I'd get this one, which exhausts its heat: (assuming it will fit in your case).
    Edit: If you are still unsatisfied with performance, then you can look into a CPU/Mobo upgrade, but I'm doubtful you'll need that. Having more RAM than you need isn't hurting anything. Look at your case cooling too; make sure you have decent airflow, generally front to back.
  3. I read that as 8 GB of ram in 4 sticks. (4x 2GB in other words), if its really 32 GB of DDR3, wow, just keep it.

    my $400 suggestion:
    i5-3470 ($190)
    AS Rock H77 ($60)
    HD 7850 1 GB ($150)
  4. If the graphics card alone doesn't do it, ScrewySqrl's CPU/mobo combination would work well, assuming you realize that CPU overclocking is not a requirement for a solid build. If you do want to OC, you'll want a Z77 board.
  5. I'm assuming you are running 64 bit Win 7 ? Your Motherboard only supports Max. 16GB of Ram, how much do you really get to use ?

    You could go with an i7 CPU, then find a GPU to match then maybe HDD as you didn't mention the current one.
  6. oops sorry yea I meant it as 2gbx4 sticks.

    As for OC'ing I don't really want to bother since the last time I did it, my comp was unstable so I dropped it from 3.8 to 2.9gigs.
    Ok so I guess I'll look into upgrading the gpu and see how it goes then do the cpu-mobo combo after.

    Thanks for the tips!
  7. I'm sure your CPU can handle gaming. not sure why people OC for Gaming

    I think a GPU upgrade first and then see from there as you suggested
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