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Is my E7400 bottleneck for my GTX 670?


I'm new here. Would just like to get your opinion about my setup.

Previously, I have a core 2 duo with gtx 560 before and getting 15-60 fps in crysis 2 @1080 resolution, average is 40+. This is without the dx 11 stuff, only dx9. It is playable at hardcore settings but I get FPS drops depending on the location.

Now, I upgraded my gpu to Palit Jetstream gtx 670 (hoping to remove the fps drops) but I still get the fps drops to around 20 (sometimes less).

I have read in some threads that one way to check is by looking at task manager for cpu and afterburner for gpu. I notice that cpu is around 95-99% and the gpu is mostly at 60%.

Should upgrading to a new system remove allow me to have near constant 60fps? what would you recommend? Or is there something else that could be causing this (like bad card, how to check if so)?

I know my system is old, but I would just like to hear your expert thoughts before I spend for a new rig if there is something else that I may have missed.

Thank you very much for your response.


E7400 2.8
HEC Raptor 500w
3GB ddr2
GTX 670
Windows 7 32bit
intel 330 SSD, 120GB
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  1. short answer, hell yess

    get at least i3 or cheapest i5 dude...
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    With that cpu anything above gtx 650 will be big bottleneck.i reccomend to get atleast 3rd gen i5 quad core cpu.
  3. the CPU is holding the GPU really bad.

    go for the ivy bridge i5 :)
  4. pick a z77 mainboard and a 3rd gen i5
    your present mainboard won't support the core i series processors.
    it is a 775 board whereas the Sandy or ivy bridge requires 1155
  5. I guess its time.. Still have more questions if that's ok with you guys.. =)

    Lets say I upgraded to 3rd gen i5 with my gtx670, what do you think would my min fps be? (I don't overlock)

    Would it allow dx 11 + hi res textures to be smooth also?
    How much ram is enough? 4gb? is there benefit with 8gb?

    Planning to get crysis 3 as well but I always use single monitor at 1080 p but at highest possible eye candy. I'm thinking it has same requirements with the dx 11 crysis 2 so I hope my new rig can be smooth.

    thanks.. =)
  6. I would recommend getting 8gb of ram, especially for a game like crysis 3.
    I can't really tell you what your minimum FPS would be with an i5 and 670 but I think it would be fairly high.
    If you upgrade to 8gb of ram you would be at the recommended "High performance" requirements.
    Anything above 8gb is overkill for games though.
  7. Fps may be 40+
  8. Ok. 8GB then. Can I still use my 500W branded PSU for that? I don't plan to SLI or OC. I'll have few HDDs and my SSD plus the fans.

    Another thing, what's z77 and h77?
  9. The power supply would power a stock 670 providing it is a high quality one, even then it is a bit touch and go.
    The minimum requirement listed on the nvidia website for a 670 is 500w.
    Since the GPU you have is factory overclocked I think you will need a new power supply.
    As for the differences between h77 and z77, a h77 board does not allow overclocking and multiple GPUs.
    A z77 board does.

    Edit: Having a look at the Palit website it lists the GPU you have with a minimum of 500w.
    Providing that it is a good quality power supply it would work (I have no experience with HEC power supplies).
  10. the h77 and z77 are 2 southbridge chips designed for the third gen core i series processors.
    the h77 is the mainstream chip and it does not allow overclocking
    the z77 on the otherhand is an enthusiast chip and it allows for overclocking.
    if you choose the 3570k or anything that has the "k" suffix...go for a z77 mainboard.
    orelse you can go for the h77...since all the other features are the same.
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