Pc won't boot

Decided to clean the dust out of my PC before my new ssd came today. Used a wrist strap the whole time. When I put everything back and powered up my pc just idled and sat at a black screen and didn't boot.

The LED lights on my CPU fan were dim and blinking oddly so I decided to check the power rails, everything checked out. Bread boarded it and left only the CPU in and it still just idled.

I changed my sata mode to ahci the other day (for the new ssd) so I tried clearing my cmos, but no luck. I had a few restarts since I changed it without issue though so I figured that wasn't the problem.

I can't tell if it's a bad cpu or bad mobo. Is there a chance I shorted something even though I was wearing a wrist strap?
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  1. Did you install windows on your SSD and then go into the bios and change it to AHCI? If you installed windows under IDE then it will only boot when your bios is set to IDE. You have to set it back to IDE and then go into your registry and change it from IDE to AHCI (google it, I don't remember the exact registry path off the top of my head :P) and then go back into the bios and make it AHCI. Or you can change it in bios to AHCI first and reinstall windows.
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