should i upgrade my pc or graphics card?

heres my current specs.

Cpu - Intel Core i7 870 2.93gh
mobo - MSI p55-GD85
Memory - 16gb
CPU - corsair ax850
graphics card - 2 GTX 460 768mb SLI
watercooling fan...

what do you think?
cpu or graphics card?
i was thinking on going gtx 680 or 690 but what do you pros think is better?....if cpu upgrade is your choice, pls tell me what and why...
pls help me on this.... :(
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  1. everything in your system looks fine for now...if it is games that you intend to play.
    I suggest you go get the 680
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    Your CPU is just fine, however you're suffering a nasty GPU-based bottleneck. An i7-870 will not top out in the gaming arena even with a GTX 680 and even if the game is CPU-intensive as any Core architecture can handle it. A CPU upgrade will help your overall performance, however, in other CPU-intensive applications.
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