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Hello :)

I am thinking of buying 2 evga gtx 680 signature 2 which have 2gb of vram, i am also thinking that in the future i might get triple monitor setup, so should i go for a 4gb version instead? i am a noob :p so i would like some help on this :) what advantages will i get if i go for a 4gb version instead of a 2gb version?
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  1. I am running two of the 670 FTW 2GB cards, and running 4 monitors with no issues, if you go with two of the 2 gb 680s you will have not issues.
  2. When you get to the 5700+ resolution of 3 monitors in surround, more vram helps. Textures get big and are only going to get bigger, not smaller, so if you have the money and want to a bit future yourself, maybe go for the 4gb. Apparently some of the modded skyrim's get to 3gb of vram as well.
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