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Finding right gpu

I am going to buy a new graphics card and i am confused about the option i've got here. I have to choose between hd 7750 or hd 6770.

My configuration:

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Core 2 Quad Q8400 @ 2.66 GHZ 4 MB
2*2 GB DDR 2 RAM
Geforce 9400 gt 1 GB
750 GB 7200 RPM
ATX 450w

Pls help me here...........
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  1. The HD6770 is a little stronger, BUT...that "ATX 450w" PSU looks suspiciously like junk, perhaps good for no more than 300W. If that is the case, it will run a HD7750 but possibly not a HD6770. Particularly if it does not have a PCIe power connector, it most likely lacks sufficient amperage on +12V for anything stronger than the HD7750. Do not use adapters with a PSU-shaped object; the story will likely end with smoke and sparks.
  2. How can i know for sure that my psu will not run 6770? There's got to be some method to know for sure.
  3. Your PSU should have a sticker on it with all the spec's so post that information or take a picture of it and post that some where (link it) and we can tell you

  4. This is the picture of the sitcker.
  5. There is enough voltage/amps to the 12v rail for a 7770 even. I think what Onus is saying without a established power supply most of the time the quality of power supplies tends to be quiet poor whether it came with a custom case or from a retail computer they are normally on the very low end on the totem poll.
  6. So i should by 6770 instead of 7750?
  7. You would be better off purchasing a 7750 which shouldn't bottleneck your system to bad you have a older processor.
  8. Well, even if it's overrated by 20%, it still ought to handle a HD7770. Of course, overrating is not the only problem common to cheap PSU-shaped objects. It may have sorely deficient filtering (input and/or output), significantly affecting how "clean" the output is. Dirty power can damage attached components. It's your call of course, but getting a quality (high [claimed] wattage <> quality) PSU would be a good idea. On a budget, the Antec VP-450 or 380W Earthwatts are good, reliable choices that can easily handle a HD7770.
  9. What about 6670 or 6750? Cause i am in tight budget here. So it's quite impossible for me to upgrade my PSU. I can only afford a GPU. Will these card handle games like FarCry 3,AC 3, Hitman Absolution at 1336 x 768 in high settings?
  10. Simply get hd is better than both can handle games at high settings at that res.
  11. Hd 7750 will work in your psu for sure.
  12. I know it will work but, as i said, i am in tight budget! So i have to choose between these two.
  13. For how many money you are getting hd 6750?
  14. Honestly i don't the price yet. But as 6770 is 10500 BDT (Currency of Bangladesh), I am hoping it to be around 9000 BDT. And the 6670 with 2gb dd2 is 6900 BDT and 1gb gddr5 8300 BDT.


    6670 DDR 2:

    6670 GDDR 5:
  15. From both gpu hd 6750 is much better and performs close to hd 7750.but make sure that you have 6pin connector in youq psu for hd 6750.
  16. So u telling that my current PSU can't handle 6750? May u be more specific pls. And what is a 6 pin connector. Srry for my lack of knowledge about PSU.
  17. No psu will handle that gpu.6pin connector is in psu and it should be connected to your gpu.
  18. I don't have a 6 pin connector. Can i add it in my psu?
  19. No you showed me link of hd 6770 instead of hd 6750.
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    At this point looking at your psu you have 2 choice hd 7750 or hd 6670 ddr5.both do not need 6pin just have to plug it in pci exp slot.i would wait and save up more and get hd 7750 or if you can't get then hd 6670 ddr5 is way to go.
  21. @ ASHISH65

    Thanks for ur reply.

    Considering all option, i am thinking of buying 6670 1GB GDDR5 model.

    One last question. Will this be able to play at high settings? Or will i wait for a price drop of 7750?
  22. It will able to handle but not maxout while hd 7750 can handle at high even i have that only.
  23. Thank u all and i am going 2 buy 6670.
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  25. Only buy ddr5 not ddr3.ddr5 is faster
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