MSI 560ti Dodgy fan

Hi Guys,

Been noticing a strange noise coming my inside my computer over the last few months, just did a clean out today and checked the graphics card (MSI GTX560ti) and I noticed the sound is from one of the fans. I manually blew into each one and one of them was fine the other made a rattling sound like a bad bearing or something. Did a full clean and problem still persists.

Fixable? Or not worth it?

Upgrading card this year and this issue has put me of MSI and a little off Nvidia cards in general.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Well it depends when your planned upgrade is taking place!! If it's under warranty, return it. If it's not under warranty and you are comfortable removing the heat sink/casing to change the fan, go on ebay, buy one and get working :)
  2. ^+1
    just don't forget to reapply a fresh coat of thermal paste to the heat sink while putting it back together.
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