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Video card at 104C

I bought a brand new GeForce 9500 GT graphics card (Low profile) in December. It just arrived last night. I installed it in my dell gx620 SFF computer. It's windows 7 32 bit with 3.4 processor.

Started playing the sims 3 last night, 30 minutes in I get a black screen, background music continues playing. I pull the case off with it still running and I can see the fan struggling to spin. I touched it with a pencil and it resumed spinning. Restarted. The problem continues. Sometimes the pencil trick works and others it doesn't.

Downloaded cpuid's HWmonitor and it showed the nvidia card sitting at 104C. I look at the fan, it's not spinning. I got it to spin and the temps are slowly dropping. But the problem just continues. This was a BRAND NEW card not even a day old. I'm very confident that it's not something I did during the installation. I have the same model graphics card in my other computer (not the low profile model though) and have never had any issues like this.

I read to put a drop of oil in the fan or the bearing in another thread.. what kind of oil do I need? Or am I better off just buying a lower quality 128 MB (min requirement for my game) that doesn't use a fan?

Also my power supply is 275w. Could this be part of the problem? Just asking because I don't really know what a computer would do if it's trying to use more power than it's capable.
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  1. Cards fan isn't working
    I'd return it and get a brand new one as this isn't your fault, and should still be under warranty.
  2. Also even if you did get it spinning
    Sims 3 isn't a demanding game, my little cousin plays it with a very old laptop... integrated intel 3000 or even worse, anyway.
    If the card is functioning @ 104C your computer isn't ventilated properly, or its just a faulty fan from the beginning.
    Contact the company you got it from and have them have a look at it..
    best of luck, also what is your room temp @ ,
  3. room temp is 68F right now. I've been watching the fan for 15-20 min and it's still spinning but it's sitting at 91C now, and has been for about 5 minutes. I did message the seller, he acts clueless. Said I can return it ... but they take a 15% restocking fee. AND I pay for shipping back. I waited 3 weeks for this card. The graphics card sits right next to the hard drive, it's a really tight space, I imagine that has part to do with the temps along with the faulty fan.
    I had a 64mb integrated card and the game would not play like that.
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    Either there is not enough thermal paste between the graphics chip and the heatsink, or the thermal paste has deteriorated to the point it is no longer effective. They were basically produced between 2008 and 2009 I think. It probably has been simply sitting on the shelf for a while. Thermal paste can go bad after a few years.

    Get send it back for a refund.
  5. blackjeep said:
    rSaid I can return it ... but they take a 15% restocking fee. AND I pay for shipping back. I waited 3 weeks for this card.

    Where did you buy it from? It sounds like the card is defective. You should not be charged a 15% restocking fee if the product is defective.
  6. What are your system specs and how much did you pay for this almost 5 year old card? Seems to me you would be better off getting one of the lowest end new gen cards than an old 9500...
  7. Derza, I got that old card because the regular size 9500 worked just fine in my old computer for what I needed.. plus it was only $40 so I got the 9500 LP since it would do what I need it to.
    I hate this SFF computer and wish I had never bought it. I was on a very small budget at the time, and now I'm just stuck with this one for the new couple months.
  8. is there another card or somthing jammed right up next to it? can you add a side case fan, or clean up cables that may be restricting airflow? do you have room for a pci fan?

    Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 104
    very close to failure temp
  9. also that card requires a 350 watt power supply, i have a small form factor gx620 and it has a 275 not sure if that might be part of youre problem.
  10. Well I solved that problem... went out and bought a new card. radeon 5450 low profile. Got it installed and everything but now I have a new problem lol my speakers aren't working. They work when I tell it to test the speakers.. but my game, youtube etc, no sound. I have 5.1 surround speakers hooked up. If anyone can tell me how to fix that, it'd be great. I've only been using win 7 for a few weeks and haven't figured out where all the settings are.
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