New PC build! All will work?

Alright, so I previously had a Acer prebuild pc which came with pretty standard components, I ll post the link to the specifications of that pc below.

I thought it was time to step it up and build my own pc, but of course I was not willing to lose all the money I spent on this previous PC, so I did some research over the previous weeks and learnt some basic stuff about hardware.

What I plan to keep from the previous PC is as it follows:

I7 920 2,66 Ghz
Intel® X58 chipset + ICH10R
7.1 sound card
6 Gb of ram DDR3

New components I have bought:
Case - Coolermaster Storm Stryker
SSD - 64GB SanDisk Solid State Disk 2.5"
RAM - 6GB Corsair Vengeance Black DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9 Tri Kit
Wireless Card - Intel 1000GT Pro 1 Port 10/100/1000Mbit/s PCI BULK

Now, I know I do need a new power supply, because in the future I am planning on installing a second 7970 gpu, so any idea what power supply would be good? I think I Would need somewhere around 900-1000 Watts?

What would you have done different and will the following work?

PS: Don't tell me to buy a new motherboard, because it is pointless as my processor has a 1366 socket and I won't get a new motherboard to throw it away later on when I buy a 4th generation intel processor which will require a 2011 or 1555 socket.

Please, answer detailed and let me know if the following will work.

Will it be easy to setup? Plug and play? Or do I need experience and extra cables, etc? Also any recommendation on a CPU cooler for the i7 920? I was looking at the Water cooling systems from corsair (H100) or at the coolermaster v8 but you guys might have other suggestions.

Thanks in advanced,

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  1. A good quality 650w PSU will run it no problem. (Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Antec)
    Your SSD is small. Get a 120gb one. 64 GB fills up fast.
    Why did you buy more RAM?
  2. I thought a 64 Gb would do for now as I only need the OS (20 gb) + 2 games and sony vegas pro.
    RAM is for heavy video editing and rendering, such as 3DMAX or Adober after effects, I thought 64 Gb would do the job, do I really need more if I just intend to put the OS and a few programs/games, probably won't fill it.

    You said a 650 Watt will do the job, but I said I am planning to crossfire in the future, are you entirely sure?
    And you have not answered about my motherboard. Do I just remove it and place it in the new case as simple as that? Is there any manual or anything?

  3. If you want to crossfire a good quality 750w PSU designed for crossfire will do nicely.

    Just swap the motherboard over. Undo the screws and screw it in the new case.
  4. Alright, last question :p

    You think the graphic card was a good choice? I could have gotten the Nvidia GTX 680 but I read that the AMD 7970 GHz outruns it by about 15% when heavily overclocked is that true? And do you think a Corsair H80 will keep my i7 920 cooled at 4.0 Ghz? It's 2.66ghz stock or a air cooler will do a better job?
  5. I prefer the 7970 for sure. Are you sure you can even get that chip to 4ghz? If you want to go that high, your only option might be a custom water loop ($300+)
  6. Sorry, as I said I am not very experienced in terms of overclocking. Any cooler you recommend though and thanks for the tip on the 7970, did I make the right choice with the shapphire?
  7. Yeah, its a great GPU. Its a bit overkill for the rest of your system but it should be ok.
  8. be careful with the Ram, if you're putting 12 GB in and your mixing models make sure they're the same specifications, this is why mixing ram is usually not ideal but it does work. Your gonna want to make sure the latency and frequency of the old 6GB is the same as the new 6GB since you're putting them together.
  9. the coolermaster hyper 212 is a great and cheap cooler that should work fine for you as well.
    theres two versions of it the Plus
    and the slightly better evo
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