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So I just built my new pc and downloaded MSI afterburner and wanted to see what fps i will get on Minecraft and also what temperatures i will get my build is this im just using my old gt 520 for a week so i know the fps will be low but my problem is ARE THE TEMPERATURES OK AND THE CPU USAGE LOOKS SAYS 99% is that fine or is there something wrong ? This is what it says in game

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  1. What resolution are you playing at?
  2. 1440x900
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    Its a CPU intensive game. I have an i3 and a 7870 and I still only get about 90FPS.

    IS that your CPU temp? I don't think MSI Afterburner monitors CPU temps. Download Coretemp and run it while you play and see what happens.
  4. Well i got 105 for TJ.Max 34 for Core 0 and 38 for core1 so i guess thats Good?
  5. Those temps are very good.
  6. Oh ok thanks so i will just use msi for FPS and also what temperatures should i be worried at? at like 60 or what?
  7. For the CPU, it shouldn't go above like 60 for that chip.
  8. Don't forget in minecraft you can press f3 and see a full diagnostics list including FPS and game coordinates. Also use f11 for full screen mode.
  9. Yes i know that mate but also downloaded this to check other games which i will be installing tomorrow Thanks for your help anyway and also if you have some time could you help me with this aswell ?
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