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I built my computer over a month ago and recently my computer shut down without notice in the middle of a game I was playing. Then for 30 minutes I could not get the graphics cards (integrated/7950) on my computer to boot. I would turn the computer on and the monitor would flash and then say "Turning to Power Save Mode". I finally just pulled the main power source from the motherboard and plugged it back in and my computer promptly booted back up and worked with only two exceptions. When my computer sits in power save / sleep mode it will not turn back on. I come back to my keyboard and mouse lights on, but no key or mouse clicks will wake the computer. My computer will also not shut down completely. The windows will boot down, but my LEDs and Fans will continue to run until I manually hold my power button down to shut if off.

Windows 7 64bit
AsRock pro4
MSI Twin Frozr 7950
i5 3570k
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  1. What is your PSU? I'd also put your computer in high performance power setting. Normal settings tend to give the gpu too little power on standby/sleep and trips the card on low voltage/amperage.
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