Computer making a stomach rumble.

I just build my first computer - all went cool apart from randomly - it's not constant - and happens about 30mins to 1hour after the computer has been on. It makes a small noise that I can only describe as a stomach rumble. It's not the HD (as I tried a SDD to make sure it wasn't the HD). But would any one be able to help regarding how I can find out the problem or if this sounds familiar.
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  1. i would say a hd as i have the same thing happening to me right now i need to change it but if yousay its no the hd,i would open the case and check if anything is not lose or just put your ear in the case and try to hear were fro the sound is coming maybe a loose fan or Cpu cooler
  2. cd-roms drives are loud..if you left a disk in them they can randomly spin on..most time when you open my computer. the other fan would be the one for the power supply. most new power supply fans are temp controlled. they wont spin up to max speed unless needed. the same for case fans and gpu. with the gpu you can use msi afterburner and turn the fan up and see if the gpu fan is the one making the case sounds. check the bottom of your case...if the power supply intake fan has no dust cover make sure your carpet and other objects are not jamming that fan.
  3. Don't want to bump this but for reference to anyone who has ths problem... My stupidity really, it was the PSU facing down so it's fan was pointing at the carpet. Now the fan points up and no problems. Feel stupid but at least it is all fixed.
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