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when i opened my laptop this morning the display is weird. you can see the individual pixels and things that are supposed to be black are now spotted with green. there also seem to be lines running through the display. I asked my kids and my daughter said she might have stepped on the edge, but I don't know if that is true. any ideas?
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  1. sorry, that should be weird.
  2. Sounds like she definitely stepped on it. Plug it into a tv or a monitor via vga and if it works there your screen is busted.
  3. Did you turn it off and then back on? Is it still screwy after a reboot? That would be very helpful information.
  4. It is fixed now. I don't know why. I rebooted several times and that didn't do anything. But we were using it as it was still readable and suddenly, the screen cleared up. I wish I knew why in case it happens again.
  5. It has happened again. The computer was off and when I turned it back on, the green and pink pixel fuzz was back.
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