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My old Gigabyte 5830 recently died, and I'm still regretting not picking up a 7870 on black friday. I believe I saw one on sale for $180. But now they sit at $240. However, I found a 7950 for $280 after rebate, and I was wondering if the extra 40 bucks would be worth it.

Gigabyte 7870, $240:

Sapphire 7950, $300 -> $280 w/ rebate:

But the reviews for the 7950 seem to show that it has issues with games running dx9, but work fine with dx10 and 11. I've also heard that the 7870 performs pretty close to the 7950, but that's just what I've heard. Is the 7950 a good deal? Or should I just stick to the 7870. I also saw the Gigabyte 7950, but that sits at $300 and another $8 in shipping, so it's quite a bit more expensive... The three fan gigabyte cooler seems to be getting a lot of positive remarks. Are there other options that I should explore?

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  1. the choice is always yours to make....the 7950 is about 15-20% more powerful than the 7870.
    if that extra makes sence to you,you are all good to go.

    personally I would not go for gigabyte...I would stick to vendors like asus,xfx and sapphire.
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