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7950 best vendor?

Hi Everyone,

First off, please do not turn this into get a GTX 670 board. I am getting a 7950 and was wondering who is currently consided to have the better 7950 card (MSI is out, I've never had a good experience with them). This will be my first Radeon card so I don't know much about the current state of their vendors.

Also, i tend to not OC myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I am also really interested in this, I've heard that gigabytes 3 fan coolers are fantastic. Sapphire seems to have a very good reputation as well.
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    Sapphire tends to be the more popular choice with AMD/ATi side of things. I would go with either one of these 2. If you throw out msi I would get either sapphire or asus with AMD. And I would prefer the vapor-x over the asus card. Unless you had a red and black theme going then the ASUS card.

    pcpartpicker 7950 pricing

    Sapphire Vapor-X 7950

    Asus 7950
  3. I have a 670 with a gigabyte windforce x3 and its pretty good. I don't care for there support so I left them out. When I called back in October Early November and asked if I were to RMA my card how long the turn around would be the lady replied 4 weeks that isn't customer support...
    Sapphire's HD 7950 Vapor-X comes with a large dual-fan cooler that uses the company's famous vapor-chamber technology. On the Vapor-X you will also find a "Lethal Boost" button which switches to a second BIOS with higher clock speeds. With this BIOS, clocks are increased to 950 MHz GPU and 1250 MHz memory.It runs cooler then other 7950's overclocks like a beast!Hands down it's the best 7950.
  5. Yea most definitely I'd get it I couldn't handle having a card take 3 slots up anyway :P
  6. Go for the asus direct cu II,sapphire flex 3 or xfx black edition double d
  7. siddharthmukul007 said:
    Go for the asus direct cu II,sapphire flex 3 or xfx black edition double d

    Why the Flex 3, vs. the Vapor-X one? Also never heard or XFX, how do they stack up in regards to reliablity and Customer Service?
  8. The flex 3 is built with more display connections. The Vapor-X is the better cooler. XFX used to be amazing with customer service I'm unsure if they have came back up from there downfall. (There was a period where they went south on validating warranties.)
  9. the Vapor-X is the best one there no debating it lol!
  10. Want to say thank you to all that replied, I am going to go with the Vapor-X 7950. I appreciate all the help, and I will definately return to these forums if I have a question.

    Also Bigcyco1, bigshootr8 and siddharthmukul007 thank you very much for taking time to post.
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  12. No problem.Your welcome!
  13. No problem man hope you enjoy your card :)
  14. you are most welcome.
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