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What's a safe temp for Sapphire HD 7870 2GB Ghz edition. Under load and idle.

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  1. it should idle at around 30 degrees and max at 65.although a +- of 5 degree is very much acceptable at idle and +-10 degree at load depending on oc levels
  2. Most cards are safe up to 80C, still though, you don't really want to get to close to that. Idle temp can be anything, it depends so much more on your cases air flow than it does at load. Also running multi monitors will increase your idle temps alot, my 7770 used to sit around 20C, after adding a second monitor it idles around 32C now. Load temps are about 50C before and after adding that monitor.
  3. Currently, im using CPUID HWmonitor and its showing my idle temps at 36c. I didn't build the pc myself i customised it and OCUK built it for me. The card itself has 2 fans on it and the case has a top fan and rear fan.

    Is this enough or should I add another front fan to bring more cool air into the case?

    Thanks for all your replies
  4. Top and rear exhaust fan is good, but you really should have a front intake fan bringing in cool air.

    GPUs are usually "safe" to around 100C, but since cooler is better, at ~80C I'd look into either cleaning your case, fans, and heatsink if it's dirty, or improving your cooling if everything's clean.
  5. your temp readings seem ok...still a front intake fan is always better
  6. Well I'm definitely going to put a fan on the front then. I have 2x 120mm spaces at the front. Please don't laugh at this stupid question, but ive never built a pc before nor changed a part on it. But if I was to buy a fan, how do I get it to pull air into the case instead of blowing it out. Is it just which way you mount the fan?

    I was looking at this:
    Sorry for the questions and thanks for your help so far.
  7. naybag said:
    But if I was to buy a fan, how do I get it to pull air into the case instead of blowing it out. Is it just which way you mount the fan?

    Yes. A lot of fans have a sticker on the front / intake side. You can also tell by looking at the blades. The side they're rounded like a dome is intake, and the side they're rounded like a bowl is exhaust.
  8. That's great. Thanks for the useful info you all have been a great help. I will get 2 fans ordered and attempt my first upgrade. If you can call it an upgrade.

    Take care everyone.

  9. I idle at at 55 degrees lol. probably because I'm running 2560x1440. Idle temps are fine, its load temps that you have to worry about. I try not to let my GPU's go past 80 degrees, 90 is the complete max before warning programs kick in.
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