Can I play these games?

I recently upgraded my PC from my old one, and I wanted to know if I can run newer games with halfway decent settings, and a framerate of at least 20-30 FPS. Games like BattleField 3, or Dirt. I will play any genre game. the specs are
CPU-Intel core I7 3960X 3.3 Ghz (I can overclock if necessary)
GPU- XFX Radeon 7970 1Ghz X2
RAM-Kingston 32GB RAM
HDD-VelociRaptor 10000RPM 1TB
PSU-Antec High Current Pro HCP 1200, 1200 Watts.
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  1. I assume this is a joke?
  2. .....yeah you can max any game at 1080p with this no problem 60+ FPS.......troll?
  3. unksol said:
    I assume this is a joke?

    What makes you assume this is a joke?
  4. Bro... Your processor costs more than my whole computer! Anyway, to answer your question YES.
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