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I am currently looking at purchasing a new video editing workstation, and need a bit of advice on which video card to purchase.

The primary software being used is Sony Vegas Pro 11/12. Probably 11 right now because of plug-in support issues. I will also be doing a bit of 3D modeling and rendering.

The computer itself will be a Dell Precision T7600 with the following specs:
2xEight Core XEON (E5-2665, 2.4GHz, 20M, 8 GT/s,Turbo+) (unless there is a compelling reason to go 2687W)
64GB, DDR3 RDIMM Memory, 1600MHz, ECC (8 x 8GB DIMMs)
1x256GB SSD for OS
2x3TB Sata 7200k in Raid 0
Win 7 64-bit

Here is a link to the dell product page:

My video card options are between:
Nvidia Quadro 5000
Nvidia Quadro 6000
Nvidia Quadro k5000
Single or Dual FirePro v7900s

The Quadro 6000 seems to be so overpriced for the performance that I have just written it off as an option, but would be open to hearing why I am wrong.

The k5000 would seemingly need a C2075 to go with it if my goal is to use GPU acceleration, which I am not even sure I need based on the CPUs being added.

So in the end, for the purposes of rendering and playback of video, would you choose the v7900s or a Quadro 5000, and would there be a reason in your mind to justify shelling out case for a k5000+C2075 or Quadro 6000?
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  1. I also wanted to add that one of my monitors is an HP 2311gt 3D monitor. It would seem that Nvidia has no intentions of ever playing nice with this monitor.

    This makes me lean just a tad towards the v7900, but I am not opposed to just buying a different 3D monitor setup to support the Nvidia cards if there is enough of a performance gain over the 7900.
  2. Here's a good review of the newer pro cards, interesting....
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