First boot no display....

First boot of my first ever build. When I turn on the power I get the single okey doke beep but I can't get any display at all. Tried 3 different types of connection and 2 different monitors. Nada.... Connections look good everything that can have power does have power. Just get a message from the monitor saying no connection.

Specs, i5 3570, gigabyte z77-ud3h, 16gb 1600 corsair vengeance low pro RAM, GTX 660Ti 3gb GPU, 850watt Azza PSU.
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  1. You have the GPU 6 pin (or whatever it takes) plugged in and the CPU/ATX 4 or 6 or 8 pin plugged into the mobo?
  2. I have the 20+4 pin plugged in and the 8 pin (2x4) plaugged in also have the auxiliary SATA plugged in too. MoBO has onboard video and I have the GTX on there too. I have 2 monitors 1 new and one proven neither gets a signal. The display on the board gives a code indicating that Bios intializing has started. I can't find any other places to plug apply power and I have the manual right there.

    Geez I ramble... Yes the GPU and ATX plugs are in. The SATA spot is for running dual cards. It wasn't connected at the very first boot but it is now. Can't hurt to give the GPU all the resources it could want I guess.
  3. Unplug EVERYTHING from the PSU except the mobo. Take out the video card and plug into onboard. Put in ONE stick of RAM, and try.
    You should only have your CPU cooler and PSU plugged into the mobo, and not have the PSU connected to anything else. If it boots, get into the BIOS and check settings in there for video output, fan controls, etc then shut down and put another RAM stick in. Try to boot. Keep adding one component at a time, boot, repeat until everything is in or something fails.
  4. That did it, it didn't like the GPU. I'm installing drivers for the USB and PCI hardware now. Who'd have thought?!

    Thanks you, sincerely.
  5. Glad I could help, congrats...
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